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"Is that a snowboard?"

It may look like one but that's where any similarity ends. In fact, monoskis have been around much longer than snowboards. They share some features with regular snow skis yet they are entirely different.

"Both feet strapped into one ski. That must be hard."

Well, it depends who you talk to. Most monoskiers agree that it is not any harder than riding a bicycle. If you are an average alpine skier you will get a hang of it in just a few runs. If you are a snowboarder it may take a bit more effort but you will have a big smile on your face at the end of the day.

"Why should I bother?"

Because if you haven't skied powder on a monoski it's like you've never skied powder at all. Because it cuts through crud and slush like nothing you've ever seen before. Because it will turn an average skier into a fearless steeps seeking missile. Because it is just plain fun.

Look around closely next time you are at the slopes. You may spot a monoskier jumping off a cornice, sucking up moguls or laying a mean carve.

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